Urnex – Freez Ice Machine Cleaner – 14 oz


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  • Specifically formulated for use in all types of commercial ice and freezer systems
  • orks as both a cycle and a soak cleaner.
  • The citric acid based formula is effective and easy to use, plus it features a green dye that acts as a visual cue for workers.
  • This product is nickel safe so that it will not damage the surfaces of your ice machine, ice bin, or other cold storage unit.
  • There are approximately 5 uses per bottle.
  • Also, removes coffee oils from brewers and servers.
    • By running a brew cycle with a tablet in the basket, users can simultaneously clean both the brew basket and server beneath it.
    • Formulated with a blue dye for safe use in busy commercial environments.
  • 15-FRZ12-14

– Create solution of 3 oz. of Freez with 1 gallon of water.
– Pump through the water distribution system for 10 minutes.
– Purge and rinse the machine with potable water.
– Sanitize according to local guidelines.